Enterprise Custom Software Development

ASF answer to the large market demand for Enterprise Application Development is a highly optimized and flexible Custom Development Method, oriented towards customer satisfaction.

Business Custom Software Development

There are many situations when, in order to address specific business needs, custom development is the only available solution.

Even knowing that, too often, custom developed projects tend to be long and expensive projects so the customers may hesitate to choose this kind of solution.

Based on the experience gained in software development we have developed our own framework, that enables us to speed up time to market for custom software. This framework enables us to drastically shorten the development time, making important savings on project's budget.

Our experience

More than 18 years experience in banking, other financial services, collection agencies and telecommunication, enables us to build state of art systems tailored to each industry using innovative technologies and clean designs.

We rely on our team expertise to deliver high quality customized solutions for dealing with complex business challenges.

Customer Benefits

  • R & D on our expense: by using our own framework in custom solutions development we don't reinvent the wheel on your expense
  • Do more with less money: for enterprise applications, the development time is drastically reduced, allowing important savings for your budget
  • Focus on business processes: thanks to a layered approach, the project team can focus on business logic instead of coding
  • Mature and stable platform to lower the TCO: our framework is a mature and stable platform that proved itself as being an excellent choice for the in production environment
  • Appropiate sizing for hardware: depending on the business volume served by the application the framework enables an accurate sizing for the harwdare while meeting the agreed performance of the system.

ASF Methodology

Dynamic Systems Development Method

The methodology we use in custom developed projects is a RAD method, made compliant with the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), the emerging de facto standard worldwide.

This methodology deals with a number of aspects of a typical RAD project, including time boxing, prioritising and prototyping, and allows the project team to deliver quick, robust, user-driven solutions to the customer with a minimum of risk. ASF Methodology makes full use of the relational databases and Internet development tools. It also provides modeling and design techniques that support model-based code generation.

The high level of user involvement within ASF Method enables developed application system to deliver significant business benefits early.

Fully committed users and multi-skilled ASF developers form one team that delivers the developed application system on the agreed delivery date.


Our company is one of the first Oracle Certified Partners in Romania. The high quality services are currently confirmed by the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certifications (Lloyd’s Register Quality).

Read more about our Certifications here.

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