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More than 15 year experience in banking, other financial services, collection agencies and telecommunication, enables us to build state of art systems tailored to each industry using innovative technologies and clean designs.

Customers describe software applications provided by ASF as follows: “easy to use”, “offers the ability to manage complex business processes”, “flexible and adaptable to any new collection policy”, “efficient and automatic collection system” and ”allows to increase team productivity”.

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Advantage Software Factory, one of the leading local manufacturers of collection systems and CRM applications, plans to expand the 4th line of business this year, focused on NextReports reporting software. A new dedicated website (www.next-reports.com), with e-commerce features, is available to potential clients in Romania and abroad.

ASF officials estimate that, this year, local customers will generate over 80% of NextReports turnover. Marketing the application in Romania will be supported by actions of the marketing and direct sales department of the company. According to the company representatives, the share of customers from abroad will increase gradually, reversing, in about 3 years, the 2010 percentage ratio of local vs. external.

“For the external market, we have taken only the first step, the launch of the international website. This year, we plan to spread the solution to external market dedicated sites and to create distribution partnerships online and offline. Until then, foreign customers will get to the product on the website  by using search engines and we hope they will be convinced of the mentioned capabilities by using the product demo versions”, believes Stefan Paun, CEO Advantage Software Factory.

“The specific world market is dominated by complex reporting systems, which have proved to be difficult to understand, while many of the features are under-utilized or avoided due to the system inflexibility, the system adaptability being one of the main needs that users have. NextReports targets the companies who need a simple, fast and efficient way to develop and distribute reports to decision makers”, considers ASF manager.

The 2 reporting application components, Next Reports Designer and NextReports Server, can be purchased at a price of 99 EUR / license for Designer, 999 EUR/license for Server application with an unlimited number of users.

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