ASF launchs a new version of NextReports reporting suite

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On the 22nd of March 2010, Advantage Software Factory, one of the most important local manufacturers of overdue debt collection and CRM applications, launched a new version of NextReports reporting suite ( It includes NextReports Designer, an application for easy creation of reports and charts, and NextReports Server, a software application that allows the publication and distribution of reports to users in the entire organization.

NextReports Designer has reached version 3.0. Here are some of its features:

  • improved ergonomics for simplified work procedures
  • possibility to create charts based on simple interrogations
  • chart publication on server; it helps users to publish charts on a NextReports Server instance, by just one click
  • charts available in several formats: bar, pie, line, stacked bar, multiple series
  • wizard for fast design of charts
  • xml export for reports defined with NextReports
  • inserting images in reports
  • inserting hyperlinks in reports

Advantage Software Factory rents CRM software starting from 20 EUR per month

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crm for rent

Advantage Software Factory, one of the leading local manufacturer of customer relationship management applications, announces the release of the first full service rental of CRM solutions in Romania. The starting version of the service is ready for SMEs, and is called AnytimeMini including the key features used by sales departments for managing sales opportunities and for customer interactions.

AnytimeMini is available starting from 20 Euros per month per user. Gradually, ASF will release the full versions equivalent to AnytimeCRM, AnytimeCRM Professional and Enterprise Edition, for rent, starting at 35 Euros per month per user.

“Renting offers the opportunity to use the key functionalities of the application rapidly, replacing the short term major financial effort with a long term minor one”, considers Marian Stirbescu, Manager Sales & Marketing ASF.

New software application to facilitate foreclosure management

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foreclosure management

Due to the economic crisis, the number of foreclosure files opened for bad loans has grown at an alarming rate, to more than 500,000. Furthermore, the crush of the real estate market has made it difficult for bank agents to recover loans granted to individuals and companies. On the other hand, town halls all around the country have filed hundreds of thousands of enforcement actions for failure of individuals and trade companies to pay fines and taxes.

In this context, Advantage Software Factory (ASF), a company specialized in overdue debt collection applications and CRM, launches a software application intended to manage large volumes of files and to automate foreclosure proceedings.

The application allows the automatic assignment of files to agents, the identification, evaluation and capitalization of collateral elements, and contains a module for managing salary and bank accounts levies. The software generates letters, communications, notices to the client and to various institutions participating to the foreclosure procedures, automatically, and makes a history of performed operations.

Users shall be provided with a record of published auction ads and shall benefit of a series of reports on cases, by status, on recovered amounts grouped by execution phases and monthly comparative performance summaries, by recovered amounts.

The first Credit & Collection Conference organized by ExpoMedia

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Advantage Software Factory was present as an exhibitor and partner at the first credit and collection conference organized by Expo Media in December 2009.

At this conference, some of the most important collection agencies in Romania have participated, as well as international solution providers for debt collection software. ASF featured Capone Debt Collection Software, the number one collection software in Romania.

This was a good opportunity for ASF to launch the Forced Execution Module officially, as an addition to the already existing key features for collection activities in Capone Debt Collection Software.

Advantage Software Factory: Half of the large companies do not manage the customer relationship efficiently

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Although they have implemented IT solutions for customer relationship management, more than 50% of the Romanian companies, with over 100 clients, do not use the management features of requests, offers and orders from their customers effectively.

This is the conclusion of a recent study, made by Advantage Software Factory, among approximately 100 key companies of the Financial and Banking, Real Estate, IT and Telecommunications and Consulting Services. However, over 90% of the companies keep complete information about customers, including interactions with them, in such applications.

The same study reveals that the least used CRM functionality is the approval flow for offers deviation. Only 9% of the surveyed companies use a transparent approval flow of the customized offers. It seems that for the rest of the companies, offers to certain customers are made almost secretly, based on discussions, most of them informal, between the sales representatives and the director of sales. The immediate disadvantage of this practice and of not using this feature is the impossibility to create knowhow about non-typical or personalized offers, at department level, thus keeping this experience only to managers or senior vendors’ level. Basically, it obstructs the possibility of standardization of the process for personalized or sensitive offers.

The module dedicated to marketing campaign management is used by 20% of the companies; it is an essential component for marketing departments, which offers the possibility to administrate a campaign and decide on targeted customers. The first conclusion to the absence of a marketing campaign management is an unproductive marketing campaign, in which almost all clients receive the same promotion, although only 10% of them could be interested in it.

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