ASF delivered to Kasolvenzia a new Collection System

Advantage Software Factory and KSI Kasolvenzia Endeks SA have signed the final acceptance of the new Collection System.

The new system is derived from ASF’s Collection product Capone and it is enriched with features specific for a debt collection agency.

The software improves the effectiveness and control over the collection processes and offers to KSI a powerfull set of productivity features that enables the managemnt of flows for different industries like banking, telecomm, credit insurance, life insurance, cosmetics, distribution and B2B.

ASF and Romsys - Strategic Partnership

Advantage Software Factory(ASF) and Romsys became partners starting with the 14th of June, thus working together for implementing Business Intelligence Solutions. The market will benefit from this partnership as it will allow ASF to widen the area of solution software into Reporting, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Data Integration and Romsys to consolidate its position as a company that offers to the Romanian business environment complete Business Intelligence Solutions.

Montero Warehouse Management System

We are happy to announce that Advantage Software Factory (ASF) and Montero Group have signed the contract for a Warehouse Management System.

The system which is dedicated to pharmaceutical products distribution and will cover areas from the supply chain (forecasts, purchase orders, bar codes) to sales (both regular and telesales, CRM, invoicing, managing offers, discounts, bookings, promotions, sales rules, managing cash flows) and delivery (stock movements, packing, labelling, customer returns, managing routes and schedules, movements between different organizations)
The software will feature new functionality to support the telesales by increasing the efficiency of the most important sales channel (telesales) and also shortening the response time when implementing new versions of warehouse applications.

16 May 2005 - UPDATE:

Advantage Software Factory has delivered a new warehouse management system for Montero SA. The system will support logistics and distribution activities of pharmaceutical products by implementing several modules:

  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Warehouse Management with automated allocation and picking algorithms
  • Order Management
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • Telesales and receivables collection
  • Interface with SFA and accounting systems

The system was custom developed built from the ground by Advantage Software Factory along with Montero specialists.

New Collection System to Kasolvenzia

Advantage Software Factory(ASF) is to deliver to Kasolvenzia Endeks Romania SA, a new Collection System that will support company’s core activities: debt collection and the accounts receivables management.

Kasolvenzia ( is part of KG EOS Holding GmbH & Co. wich consist of 20 subsidiaries in thirteen countries.
The new system will improve the effectiveness and control over the collection processes and will offer new and improved functionalities like: queues management, collection strategies, commissioning, payment allocations, internet access and support for different currencies.

ASF and Rompetrol have signed the final acceptance

After 11 months of continuous efforts, ASF and Rompetrol have signed the final acceptance and the HR Administration & Payroll System went live.

ASF Human Resources & Payroll is a powerful tool for optimizing the use of the HR for the business. It allows adopting structured approaches to attracting, retaining, developing and using the critical skills and knowledge needed.
The Payroll engine has been developed as a high-performance rules-based application that is designed to keep pace with the changing needs of the enterprise and official regulations.

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