Interview with Alina Toader, HR Manager in ASF


According to recent studies, recruitment plans in Romania are the most optimistic compared to the rest of Europe. What are Advantage Software Factory's plans for recruiting?

We grow continuously and attract more specialists interested in joining our unique environment. We are a Romanian company, having as clients, top companies from banking, financial services, telecommunication, utilities and debt collection agencies.

Our recruitment plans are ambitious and we have tailored offers to attract employees with positive attitude, who want to develop themselves, and contribute with their knowledge and enthusiasm to our success.

As many IT companies, we have challenges in attracting candidates specialized in the technologies we are interested in, but we overcome them by using transparency when discussing about our environment, work conditions and our expectations. We are interested in open minded people with a passion for technology and business knowledge, even if they are not yet senior in their field. We want people willing to learn new things and take responsibility for the projects they coordinate or they are involved in. The technical and business knowledge can be learnt but the right attitude is harder to acquire, so it is one of the first things we keep in mind.

Debt Management Self-Service - Trends and Benefits


In debt collections the self-service functionality starts to be embraced by more and more companies in all industries. The trend is clear and the results appear fast. It seems that telecom and insurance companies have been the first to provide self-service to their customers. Banks have been very fast in following the market trend as well.

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