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About us

Advantage Software Factory is a leading provider of business solutions, with active projects in 18 countries across Europe and APAC.

More than 19 years experience in banking, other financial services, collection agencies and telecommunication, enables us to build state of art systems tailored to each industry using innovative technologies and clean designs.

Our service portfolio includes business consultancy, analysis, development, implementation, management and maintenance for our software products and custom developed solutions.

Customers describe software applications provided by ASF as follows: “easy to use”, “offers the ability to manage complex business processes”, “flexible and adaptable to any new collection policy”, “efficient and automatic collection system” and ”allows to increase team productivity starting with the first month of use”.


  • We are a customer driven company.
  • We put passion in our work.
  • We deliver solutions that fulfill real needs.
  • We are team players, we trust and respect each other.


Our personnel consist of experts mostly having business background and system development skills as well as data science and analytics. This experience makes them able to deliver high quality software.

Team expertise is to develop and implement debt collection software, financial analysis, ordering systems and provide customized solutions for dealing with complex business challenges.

The final solution is always a combination of strong business acumen and state-of-the-art software development.


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    Stefan Paun


Our company is one of the first Oracle Certified Partners in Romania. The high quality services are currently confirmed by the ISO 9001-Quality Management and ISO 27001-Information security management systems Certifications.

Read more about our Certifications here.



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